Suck puppet conditioning consists of 5 commands…


Commands 1 & 2


  1. PacGirl: (P.A.C – Present a costume: P.A.C – Present a context:) 

  2. Beg for the bulge:

1. A successful courtesan understands the role of performance. A true pro chooses a costume that will excite her client and then spends some time to show it off.
She then provides a context.
A good context anchors the experience with a specific erotic purpose. For example: “Master…I want you to spank me…”.
Contexts can be extremely elaborate or brutally straightforward (“Daddy…I need to taste your cum.”). Whatever you choose, a good context heightens the sexual energy.
2. Now that the client is aroused, you will stroke his bulging cock through his trousers and his bulging muscles. You will tell him how much you need that rock hard cock in your mouth. You will beg for the bulge.


press square for full screen…

Elle 2 intentionally left the last part of this video blank for subject participation. Is Bree Olsen begging for the bulge or is she trying to escape it?

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