Press ‘full screen’. This video is a priority 1 reprogramming session. Concentrate!

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Today’s class is about reevaluating the way you communicate with friends and family.

Dreamy girls love photo albums.
When I look through my grandmother’s photo albums, I’m always struck by how few photos there are of my grandmother, and how many there are of other people. Her album is a visual autobiography based on her relationships.

This is in contrast to the Instagram girl.
Almost all of the Instagram girl’s photos are of herself: a portfolio of vanity and self-obsession.
I love Instagram for fashion, but I hate the way Instagrammers make it all about themselves.

Unfortunately, the contemporary obsession with the self is not just limited to photography, but a far more important art: conversation.
Too many girls speak like boys. Conversation is becoming a showcase of the self, not an interchange of information, emotion and support. It’s like a newspaper editorial, designed to smother you in opinion, backed up with all the latest research from the University of YouTube.
Girls just wanna have fun. No they don’t! Girls wanna have good conversations too.

So listen to me, DreamyGirl, your next Femflow project is to reconnect with your female powers of communication, and to convert your conversation into a masterpiece of selflessness not selfishness.

“But Mistress, does that mean I can’t talk about myself?

Of course not!
But the primary function of your conversation will be to confirm that you are a valuable source of support for the other individual…not to bombard them with your shit.

It’s not a cliche: we are better communicators than men, but if we carry on the Instagram way we’ll lose our super power.

Consequently, the other girl will leave the conversation feeling good about herself, because someone will have taken a real interest in her and made a sincere effort to help/advise her.

And of course, having just made another person happy, you will also leave the conversation happy because there’s nothing that makes human beings happier than…

  1. Connecting with others.
  2. Giving to others.

Also, bear in mind that a call girl who knows how to listen to her client… always gets more call backs.
Assignments 2 and 3 focus on the selfish nature of your sexual behavior. However, it is almost certain that this selfishness has seeped into your broader psyche.
That’s why your DreamyGirl project this week is about being selfless in the way you talk to people.
This week you must meet up with various friends and / or family members and follow this model of conversation (adapt it to different circumstances and characters; the central point, though, is that you’re showing genuine interest and support.)

Being a girl isn’t just about being seductive, it’s also about being communicative.

CONTEXTUALIZE: If you feel strange about talking in this way, tell your partner that you just read an article on communication and you’d like to experiment by asking questions, rather than talking about yourself.
Ask your conversation partner…

1. What their main ambition is. (follow up question – what’s preventing them from achieving it?)

2. Ask them who they feel is the most positive person and most negative in their life. (follow up – what can they do to mitigate the effect of the negative?)

3. Ask them what keeps them up at night – i.e. what their biggest fear is. (follow up – when did this become their biggest fear?)

4. Ask them what their biggest regret is? (follow up – and what they learned from that?)

5. Ask them what they’re doing the rest of the week. (follow up – listen meticulously and be sure to ask questions the next time you see them. For example, if they have a relative visiting then ask them how it went…or the same question about a doctor’s appointment. Show them that you pay attention and that you care.)

Important note: the reason I included the follow-up questions is because if you don’t have a natural aptitude for conversation, the interchange will seem very contrived and like an interview.
You need to practice developing the conversation further, with 3 or 4 or 5 follow-up questions, and knowing what those questions should be. However, for the moment, such detail is beyond the scope of this course.
This video nails it…

Be interested, be engaged, be supportive!