Wardrobe Strategy: RealGirl V DreamyGirl


The first thing we need to do is to put away all the overtly masculine clothes in your closet. Your boy phase is over!

Note 2 things, however…

  1. I said ‘put away’… not ‘throw away. Let’s not do anything extreme or impulsive.
  2. I said ‘overtly’ masculine. There’s no universal definition here because some girls wear ties. What I want you to think of is the clothes which most symbolize how ugly and plain your boy phase was. 


The RealGirl phase

The first part of your new wardrobe strategy is to be practical. You need to break yourself in slowly (and other people) into your new look. Also, we aren’t going to make the final decision about transitional issues until I see how you do on these assignments. Therefore, it’s a good idea to dress low key fem.


Low key fem is how most of us dress when we go to school or the supermarket or other routine places, so you shouldn’t see yourself as selling out to your new girly-girl look. You’re just taking it slow.


Here I’ve prepared a video for you to show you what I mean. It’s a trend called Baggy Chic.


It’s a trend which every dreamygirl can follow… even if she’s still undercover as a guy.



How to get this look

In most girl stores, you won’t find an article called ‘baggy sweatshirt.’ Its correct term is ‘oversized.’

One of the girls in our office (ok… virtual office) bought this sweatshirt XL from Wildfox and confirmed that the XL size is massive – even on a guy’s frame.



Wildfox is a little on the pricey side, though, so here’s an oversized sweatshirt from Hennes.



Chain and cuffs

Some of you may find it hard to understand why we like to roll up up our cuffs. We don’t just do it on oversized garments we do it on everything…

The reason is that firstly it provides a splash of different color… it’s just pretty! and the second is that it allows you to show off a cool bracelet you want everyone to see.



As you saw in the video, a lot of girls are wearing gold chains right now. That’s something else you can wear without drawing too much attention.



So your first wardrobe assignment is to make a start on relaunching your style. Out with the old and in with the new. So, buy something cool that’s popular for girls right now… but isn’t overtly feminine. Like the overpriced sweatshirt.

Now, I know you’ll be disappointed because you’re raring to go on a full girly-girl wardrobe, but we’ll talk about that in a few days. right now… let’s start with the practical.

Remember… boys are impulsive and over ambitious. My friend, Frieda is a small business advisor and she illustrated this really well when she told me that generally, whenever a couple see her about starting a new business, the guy always starts talking about how they’ll expand (and basically initiate a global empire) the wife is just focused on the first shop and its relevant logistical details: getting the permits, paying the bills etc.

Girls deal with the practicalities and the reality they’ve been dealt! So go slow and realistic on the wardrobe front,