1. Bangles

Adorn your arms with a single bangle bracelet or stack them up—the latter will create the most delightful jingling sound. They pair well with just about everything, from a cable knit sweater to a breezy sundress. If you are just starting your jewelry collection, we would recommend going for a timeless and classic piece that you will wear time and time again.


2. Diamond Studs

A woman’s wardrobe isn’t truly complete without a sparkling pair of diamond earrings. From minimalist diamond studs to larger stones, they are a classic and perfect choice for adding a touch of sophistication to your look.

3. Long Chain Necklace

An easy-to-wear classic, a long chain necklace adds length to the throat and pulls almost any outfit together in an instant. A simple chain necklace is the perfect addition to any woman’s jewelry collection, as a timeless chain is suitable for an array of different outfits and perfect for everyday wear. 

4. Pearl Necklace, Pearl Earings

Pearl necklaces are passed down for a reason—they will absolutely never go out of style. We love a double strand with various sized pearls but you can’t go wrong with the classic single stand either.

5. Hoop Earrings

It’s a classic style that delivers subtle attitude. Big or small, hoop earrings make a statement without being over the top. If you have a larger jewelry collection, you might want to include a more special pair to your line-up, such as hoops with coloured pavé stones.

SUMMARY: Neurology, sex, behaviour: we’re all trying to point to that one thing that makes a woman a woman. However, as always reality is more nuanced and there is nor one thing that makes a woman but many things.

TEST: Scroll to bottom to go direct to test (not recommemded. Read the short article it’s two minutes.”


I have a friend called Anna who’s a transgirl and a Reddit addict.

The other day we were waiting for a cab and she started reading a post out loud called, “How do I know if I’m trans?”

“How can you not know if you’re trans?” she ranted, “The whole point is that you have this unshakeable idea about your gender. It’s not a debate!”

“It’s probably just badly worded,” I replied. “She must be asking something different.”

We decided that the real question was probably “How do I know I’m truly a woman?” and decided the answer depended on another question…

What makes a woman a woman?

That afternoon an answer came to me. I was walking past the jewelry kiosks in my favorite department store (Cartier, Tiffany, Chanel) and experienced my usual, shameless lust.

I love it all. Gold, silver, sapphires, pearls, diamonds, rubies… and I love every form they come in: pendants, broches, earrings, bracelets, lockets, rings. Everything!

This is surely a female love affair. Men like bling; but that’s what it is: bling: shiny things and their association with status and wealth.

For women, jewels spark dreams. Of course, the value of an item is not lost on us, but we love the beauty and the artistry. It’s some kind of jeweleryphilia. And that’s when it occurred to me…

If you have this obsession with the beauty and prettiness of jewelry then you’re definitely a woman.

Obviously, I’m not going to propose we introduce a jewelry test to ascertain who is a woman or not, but the fact that it was such a small detail made me think  the following…

what makes a woman a woman is not some key, definitive factor… but dozens of minor details in  conjunction. Let’s call this the ‘composite model of femininity.’

The good thing about the composite model is that if there are dozens and dozens of attributes that make a woman a woman, it allows for individuality. Maybe you don’t like jewelry, but as long as you tick the majority of the other boxes, you have the qualities that make a woman a woman.

Another advantage is that it doesn’t monopolize characteristics for certain genders. If we add ‘good listening skills’ as one of the female attributes, we’re not saying that that’s a female attribute… we’re saying that good listening skills in conjunction with dozens of other attributes make a woman a woman.