Ok, so I know you were disappointed by the first wardrobe strategy so let’s make a start today (a small start… remember ‘baby steps’) at building your dream wardrobe. What exactly would you need?

Well, just off the top of my head you would need…


Lots of tight leggings that show off your beautiful legs.

A head-turning dress for parties and other social events.


A head-turning dress for clubbing.

Bikinis for the beach, pool and sunbathing.

Another party dress!


Something fun for fancy dress and Halloween.


Slick gym stuff.


Boots, boots and more boots.


A little sexy something for bed…that’s also tasteful and stylish.

Denim…in all its forms.

Leather trousers, leather skirt… non negotiable.


Bras…more bras…and more bras.

Sreetwear for days off.. lots of!




Even more bras!

Silk shirt.


Yes… even more party dresses!

Something cute and unexpected.


Dressing for international travel is an entire separate chapter.


A classic, cotton shirt to go with jeans.


What should you buy first… to start your dream wardrobe?

Let’s start by getting something pretty to give you a fem boost.

But what?

Well, a journey of a thousand garments starts with a single item, and after much thought I’ve decided on…

  • Something that every girl has…
  • Something classic…
  • Something sexy…
  • Something relaxing…

The short, silk robe.

And just in case you don’t believe that it’s an omnipresent classic… Here’s some Instagram pics…




6a. So… it’s very simple… buy yourself a short, silk robe.

And just to give you that supermodel vibe, get a pink silk robe from Victoria’s Secret (like the ones they wear each year at their fashion show).

However, if you can’t get one from VS you can buy one from Amazon.


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