Hey Girl…

…you know what your problem is?

Sometimes you rush into things impulsively, and then other times you think too much and end up in a state of paralysis. 

I’ve decided that the way out of these extremes is to plan your days rigidly. That way, you don’t have to overthink or react on impulse. You just have to follow your plan…

…like a puppet. But… a pretty puppet.


Busy as a bee… Good little puppet!
Try to plan a perfect day, every day… it’s vital for FemFlow projects.


The 10-Step Plan

Press ‘full screen’ for maximum assimilation.(password: dolly99)



Assignment 7


A) Create your own 10-step plan in order to instigate a healthy, happy and efficient routine.

Remember, the perfect routine gets all the day to day stuff done, but also moves your long term life plan forward.

After completing the form you should go to your google calendar and add your new routine.

B) Let me help you: tell me of serious problems that are impeding either your day-to-day life or your long-term plans. Do you have any long-term mental health issues such as addiction or depression? An abusive ex who’s f****** with your life.? Tell me anything that might get in the way of your life plan, so that I can think about it and help you find solutions..

My Daily Routine




Do you have good self discipline? Probably not. That’s why you compensate for your inner slacker with an outer German. Super planning is the key!
A good puppet plan controls your vices and weaknesses… and makes sure you do all those things you said you’d do (lose weight, get a new job, give up smoking).


A good plan – and a realistic plan – will take a long time to construct. But it’s worth it.
Deconstruct your life and reorganize it. Create a Perfect Day routine. Use google calendar if necessary, or some other planning app.