This girl makes me think of…


1. My Barbies.

2. Pulling the heads off my Barbies.

3. How I wanna look like Barbie.


The correct answer is probably 2. Pulling the heads off my Barbies. (Just for the record – I liked Bratz more than Barbies.)

Total envy.

A natural blonde! (I’ve poured an entire petrochemical factory worth of chemicals onto my head since the age of 14). And not only does she have the little cute nose, but she’s got amazing boobs. 


This girl makes me think of…


1. Wow. Amazing make up.

2. Those lips are so kissable.

3. Too chavy.


The correct answer is 1 (but now I realize this test is dumb; each option has to come from somewhere and the other 2 are from another part of my brain.). 

But anyway, my main reaction is 1… because I love to wear a lot of makeup… just pushing it to the border of too much… but stopping at the limit. She’s got it just right!


This girl makes me think…


1. Girl, did you get those eyebrows done at a beauty center or a garden center.

2. Such pretty eyes.

3. You do realize you got your earphones in, right?


Although once again, the answer is really… all of the above, my main reaction is 1.

I just don’t get this trend of trying to separate out individual hairs. It’s called ‘brow layout’ and its supposed appeal is that it looks more natural. Who wants a natural looking brow!!??

Furthermore, it takes ages because individual hairs are plucked in order to create that filament look.


Hey, mentioning Bratz reminded me  of something. You are gonna love this…

Or not.

I was 13 when the movie came out and I watched it alone because I was embarrassed. I was right to be embarrased…it was very bad indeed…

…except for this one song!