This is my favorite photo from this issue. Love the colors match – even down to the scrunchie. From Fuzilie’s Tumblr.

I heart Scandinavia.

Would you like to live there?  

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Deep House CatDJ Progressive Hypnotic


What’s your current relationship status and will it change in the next year?

Are you happy with the status?

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Loving this Fast and Furious look from @lydiatng (Toronto, Canada).

When I was in my teens, I didn’t want to be a model or a counselor or a marketing exec… I wanted to be Emily Thorne. So elegant, so ruthless, so sly.  My recommended series is one of those oldies that if you haven’t seen it, your entire education is amiss. Watch Revenge episode 1 then get the rest on Hulu.




@freddybregnnoej (Copenhagen, Denmark) – apart from being super cute – is the queen of streetwear. Best sneaker collection I’ve seen.