Day 11: Girl HQ

Hey Princess! Today you’re gonna start the process of transforming your room into a beautiful, dreamygirl space (better for all those Instagram videos of you singing and dancing ?)

Dreamygirls don’t just dream, they  organize.
The place where that organization begins is in your palace /control center/ chill out zone: A.K.A – your room.

Your room is the most important space on earth. It is where you sleep and dream. It is where you hatch your plots and get ready to go out and where you cry the most. It is where you confide and have sex and face the new day. And there is no way that a girl can allow such an important space not to be organized.
Super organized.

Everything must have its space. And that space must be used with Tokyo efficiency. Things should be found within seconds. There should be no tight squeezes. There should be no chargers out of bed reach. This type of organization is a science and you must constantly be using it to improve the functionality of your room.

However, your room is also a work of art.

It should be somewhere between a self portrait, a museum of your life, and a fashion show runway. Every single picture, every object, every choice of style must be an outward representation of who you are. And it must contain beauty.

The three watchwords for your bedroom redesign are: Beauty, Significance, Function. Every object must be either beautiful, have personal significance or be useful.

Assignment 2
It’s quite simple. Redesign your room to be more functional, more spacious, and most importantly – an expression of your true gender.

Ok, DreamyGirl, that’s the end of this project. You can discuss the bedroom project by clicking this link below…

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6 months ago

I love my new bedroom!