Mistress, what am I doing on this program?


You are feminizing your mind and your body.

This involves the acquisition of three things…

1. Feminine objects such as makeup and clothes.

2. Feminine physical features such as hairless skin, breasts etc.

3. Feminine behaviors such as style of walk, hair flips, posture etc.

4. Feminine character traits such as moderation, good communication skills, empathy etc.


But it seems so much. It’s so overwhelming. How can I manage it all?


That’s why you joined this program. To manage the entire project. 

More concretely…

1. You will visit this page anytime you want to get a quick visual representation of your physical feminization. The address is dreamygirl.net plus the word “system”.

2. When you want to see every single skill, object or attribute you need to acquire, you will visit  https://dreamygirl.net/groups/

3. When you want to measure and assess your progress with each skill, object or attribute, you will visit your profile page and use your perfect-girl tool.