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This guide is designed for…

Girls who need to pay tribute to the Queen of Hinako.


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The complete guide is for young ladies who seek to fully immerse themselves in the customs, culture and philosophy of Hinako.

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‘No Turning Back’ is for the truly dedicated devotee.

Beg the Mistress to insert failsafe checks that you are following her program… or pay the consequences!

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Naughty little girls stopping the program without notice and then reappearing again months later cause logistical problems.

True Feminization is not a subscription service you can stop and start. It’s a program of study and each week a plan is made depending on how many students there are.

When multiple students suddenly reappear that plan gets shredded.

I completely understand why students stop and start, so please know that this is not something that makes me angry or disappointed with you. But, it’s a logistical problem which I need to discourage.

Therefore, naughty girls who disappear for longer than 6 weeks without notice, can restart the course but they must pay a 15 euro fee.

As I generally find all issues to do with money utterly distasteful, I will accept your word for it if you tell me that you are too poor to pay said fee. If this is your case, then humbly ask to be readmitted and I will assent.

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